Courtney Walls (E77)

Listen online at Podbean. Enjoy this interview with Courtney Walls. She’s been an IBD warrior since 2006, and is passionate about sharing her story and experiences to help inspire others on their own journey.  She shares the ups and downs of life with IBD, showing that despite this illness, you can achieve your dreams. LinksContinue reading “Courtney Walls (E77)”

Nicole Candelaria: IBD Journey Part 2 (E58)

In today’s episode, we continue Nicole Candelaria’s story from her decision to begin traveling to and from New York to see a gastroenterologist who specializes in IBD. Everything happened quickly as her new doctor was determined to not let her suffer any longer, but she quickly became weary of the travel and the reluctance ofContinue reading “Nicole Candelaria: IBD Journey Part 2 (E58)”

Episode 41: Alysa Johnsen–Healing Ulcerative Colitis with yoga, mindset, and plant-based nutrition In today’s episode, Alysa shares how she’s been managing her Ulcerative Colitis through yoga, mindset, and plant-based nutrition. After being diagnosed with IBD and suffering from the side effects of Lialda, she sought the help of an integrative medical doctor.

Episode 40: Allie Koplan, Ulcerative Colitis Warrior, dives deep into surgery, recovery, and mindset In today’s episode, Allie Koplan shares her Ulcerative Colitis story and dives deep into her ostomy and take-down surgeries, recovery, and mindset.

Episode 39: Jenny Pascoe (@crohnieintheclassroom) talks travel, hypnotherapy, meditation, and fitness In today’s episode, Jenny Pascoe shares her Crohn’s story and how it took 10 years of battling symptoms before a capsule endoscopy confirmed a diagnosis of IBD. She struggled during those years trying to find ways to manage her symptoms, including numerous dietary changes, and even found herself wondering if it was all inContinue reading “Episode 39: Jenny Pascoe (@crohnieintheclassroom) talks travel, hypnotherapy, meditation, and fitness”

Episode 35: Molly Dunham-Friel, battling IBD, IBS and SIBO In this week’s episode, Ulcerative Colitis fighter, Molly Dunham-Friel, shares her journey battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). One year after her Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis in 2012, she was diagnosed with IBS, and in 2018, SIBO was added to her list of gut conditions.

Episode 26: Katie Dolgert, 18-year Ulcerative Colitis Warrior In this episode, 18-year Ulcerative Colitis Warrior Katie Dolgert shares her journey with IBD. She talks about her story from diagnosis at age 21, her experiences with medications, and how her pregnancy with her second child put her into remission. Focusing on good overall health through lifestyle practices, nutrition, and fitness, she continues toContinue reading “Episode 26: Katie Dolgert, 18-year Ulcerative Colitis Warrior”

Episode 22: Katie Vyn, Ulcerative Colitis and the beautiful journey of life Today’s guest is Katie Vyn, who was diagnosed in her early 20s with Ulcerative Colitis. Only one year after her diagnosis in 2000, a blood clot in her leg was the driving force that took her to the hospital where her colon ruptured and she underwent an emergency colectomy. Since then, she’s been growingContinue reading “Episode 22: Katie Vyn, Ulcerative Colitis and the beautiful journey of life”

World IBD Day, May 19

What’s behind this smile? 😁Would you guess fatigue? Dizziness? …How about kidney damage? Anemia? Crohn’s? While you probably would have guessed Crohn’s (simply based on the name of this blog!), the others may not have crossed your mind.