Episode 49: Michael Simmons, Crohn’s Warrior and Food Challenge Competitor

In today’s episode, Crohn’s Warrior and food challenge competitor, Michael Simmons, shares his IBD story. From his first Crohn’s symptoms in 2008 to his ileostomy surgery in 2017, he’s now not only raising awareness for ostomy patients, but also raising the bar for eating without a colon.

Episode 40: Allie Koplan, Ulcerative Colitis Warrior, dives deep into surgery, recovery, and mindset

https://crohnsfitnessfood.podbean.com/mf/play/hf2hji/Episode_40_Allie_Koplan.mp3 In today’s episode, Allie Koplan shares her Ulcerative Colitis story and dives deep into her ostomy and take-down surgeries, recovery, and mindset.

Episode 38: Kristen Furey, 11 Health Patient Coach and HOPE Conference Project Manager

https://crohnsfitnessfood.podbean.com/mf/play/xgfedw/E38_Kristen_Furey.mp3 In today’s episode, the first 11 Health Patient Coach, Kristen Furey, shares her Crohn’s journey. Diagnosed at age 12, Kristen has battled IBD for 13 years. She underwent her ostomy surgery in 2013 and had a total colectomy in 2015.

Episode 22: Katie Vyn, Ulcerative Colitis and the beautiful journey of life

https://crohnsfitnessfood.podbean.com/mf/play/frtp6y/Episode_22_-_Katie_Vyn.mp3 Today’s guest is Katie Vyn, who was diagnosed in her early 20s with Ulcerative Colitis. Only one year after her diagnosis in 2000, a blood clot in her leg was the driving force that took her to the hospital where her colon ruptured and she underwent an emergency colectomy. Since then, she’s been growingContinue reading “Episode 22: Katie Vyn, Ulcerative Colitis and the beautiful journey of life”

Episode 18: Zach and Chelsie Leighter, Crohn’s Warriors

https://crohnsfitnessfood.podbean.com/mf/play/z49azv/E_18_-_Zach_and_Chelsie_2.mp3 In this episode, Zach and Chelsie Leighter share their stories of battling Crohn’s Disease. Together since high school, they are now married with a little boy, Kash. Zach was diagnosed with Crohn’s at the age of 12, has been on countless medications from steroids to biologics, and just one month ago had his temporaryContinue reading “Episode 18: Zach and Chelsie Leighter, Crohn’s Warriors”

Episode 16: Meghan Cary Brown, Crohn’s/Colitis Warrior and Patient Coach

https://crohnsfitnessfood.podbean.com/mf/play/ejphny/E16_-_Meghan_Cary_Brown.mp3 This week’s guest is Meghan Cary Brown. At 27 years old, Meghan has lived 10 years with active disease, 13 years with indeterminate Crohn’s/Colitis, and 3 years with an ostomy. But IBD can’t stop her. In that same time, she’s also gotten married, graduated college, lived in four different states, travelled abroad, adopted aContinue reading “Episode 16: Meghan Cary Brown, Crohn’s/Colitis Warrior and Patient Coach”

Episode 14: Luciana Podschun, 30-year Crohn’s Warrior

https://crohnsfitnessfood.podbean.com/mf/play/r6jqkv/Episode_14_-_Luciana.mp3 In this episode, Luciana Podschun shares her nearly 30-year journey with Crohn’s Disease and talks about everything from international travel, the support and love of her husband over the years, and how she doesn’t let Crohn’s stop her from living her life.