Episode 34: Trevor Zabar, Crohn’s Crusaders; Gut Microbiome

Crohn's Fitness Food podcast cover for episode with Trevor Zabar

In today’s episode, Trevor Zabar, founder of Crohn’s Crusaders, shares his journey with IBD from conventional medications to learning how to heal his gut with time-honored fermented foods. Battling Crohn’s for 35 years since childhood, he talks about being sick all the time. But, neither medications nor surgery ever put him into remission. His weight fluctuated as an adult during periods of sickness and, at one point, he dropped from 180 to 120 lbs. Continue reading “Episode 34: Trevor Zabar, Crohn’s Crusaders; Gut Microbiome”

Episode 11: Will Jenkins, Crohn’s Warrior and Founder of Intestinal Fortitude

Will Jenkins Intestinal Fortitude

Today’s guest is Will Jenkins, founder of Intestinal Fortitude–supplements for IBD patients created by an IBD patient. Will was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 7 years ago in his mid-30s. After a short time on prednisone and mesalamine, he began searching for a different way to treat his disease. His diagnosis led him down a path of research, natural healing, and eventually to developing his own supplement company focused entirely on gut health for those with Crohn’s and Colitis–including a probiotic with strains grown specifically for IBD. Continue reading “Episode 11: Will Jenkins, Crohn’s Warrior and Founder of Intestinal Fortitude”

What came first, leaky gut or disease?

“All disease begins in the gut.”
– Hippocrates

Before I jump into my sauerkraut recipes (I promise the wait will be worth it 🙂 …and it will be my next post! I was up to my elbows in sauerkraut the other day taking pictures specifically for the upcoming recipe posting…but, I digress), I thought I would pause and talk a little more about the importance of gut health and why home-fermented sauerkraut is beneficial. Hopefully this post will shed a little more light onto my love for/obsession with sauerkraut and persuade you to jump on the bandwagon of incorporating fermented foods (i.e. sauerkraut) into your own diet.
Continue reading “What came first, leaky gut or disease?”