Keeping fitness simple

Over the past year, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with my workouts by making things too complicated to sustain. So, I finally put together a simple sheet to track my daily progress, and I couldn’t be happier.

For those who know me well, fitness is — and always has been — a big part of my life. From gymnastics to fitness competitions, spending hours in the gym and working out each day used to be a regular thing for me. But as health and time challenges kept coming over the years, I learned to adapt. Whether it was a broken foot or Crohn’s disease, I tried new workouts and made my fitness program match where I was in life.

Lately, trying to find a good balance between my workouts and this fatigue that won’t go away has been frustrating. My at-home HIIT workouts, kettlebell routines and driving to the gym require more energy than I have right now. I want to exercise like I used to, but my body can’t. That is, until now. My workouts are not as intense as they used to be, but I’ve found the right balance by pairing my Cellercise® rebounder with two basic exercises (lunges and push-ups). The combination keeps me in shape and I’m happy with my workouts. Not too much, not too little; it’s my Goldilocks spot.

On one sheet of paper (shown above), I have boxes to check for sauna sessions (S), rebounding (R) and five sets of either push-ups or walking lunges that I do throughout the day. It’s simple, but effective. I can also quickly check off what I’ve done without having to open an app and enter sets or reps. I don’t overcomplicate it anymore. If I miss a day, I miss a day. Keeping it on one sheet, however, does keep me motivated. I’m also less stressed each day as I work to check everything off!

Note: I’ve mentioned it before, but one thing I love about the Cellercise rebounder is that I control the intensity. If I’m having a good day with more energy than usual, I can jump harder. Other days, I might take it slower. The Cellercise rebounder meets me where I am, and I’m in control of my workout.

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