Choosing a rebounder

I’m long overdue for writing the last post in my 3-part rebounding series. After covering why I love rebounding, some of the health benefits, and how it plays a role in my overall Crohn’s management, I now want to talk about how to choose the right rebounder for you. With so many choices on theContinue reading “Choosing a rebounder”

Episode 20: Anthoney Q interviews Stephanie Gish on the Total Human Performance Podcast It’s the 20th episode of the Crohn’s Fitness Food podcast and just one day after World IBD Day. So, today I wanted to share an interview I did recently on the Anthoney Q Total Human Performance podcast.

Rebounding and digestive health

In my last post on rebounding, I shared some of the reasons why I love using a mini-trampoline as part of my daily workout and how it makes fitness fun. Today, I want to share why I love it for digestive health. Whether you have Crohn’s Disease or just suffer from occasional bloating, cramping, andContinue reading “Rebounding and digestive health”

Exercise, Gut Health, and IBD

For a long time, I’ve noticed that I feel stronger, have more energy, and enjoy better overall health when my workouts are consistent–and at least moderately intense (gotta get a sweat going!). I’ve also noticed that I have better management of my Crohn’s symptoms when my exercise program is on point. Earlier this week, IContinue reading “Exercise, Gut Health, and IBD”

Parts 3 & 4: Workout Motivation, Tips & Tricks

PART THREE: Reason to Choose a Gym In my last post, I talked about the benefits of choosing to workout at home and described some basic equipment and tools that I enjoy having in my home workout space. Today, I want to talk about the benefits of working out in a gym and why youContinue reading “Parts 3 & 4: Workout Motivation, Tips & Tricks”

Part 2: Workout Motivation, Tips & Tricks

PART TWO: Home Workouts and Equipment Home vs. Gym There are things I love about both and reasons why I still do both. From privacy to commute, consider what obstacles are killing your motivation. If you dread a long drive to the gym, you’ll make more excuses not to go. If you’re embarrassed about workingContinue reading “Part 2: Workout Motivation, Tips & Tricks”

Part 1: Workout Motivation, Tips, & Tricks

NOTE: Once I start writing, the words just keep coming. I don’t usually talk much in person–I’m better at listening–so perhaps that’s why I have so many extra words swirling around in my head and ready to spill out onto the page (or keyboard). With that said, I’ve decided to break this post into fourContinue reading “Part 1: Workout Motivation, Tips, & Tricks”