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Disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate and will earn a commission on any link below that takes you to Amazon. Links for products not on Amazon are also affiliate links. That said, these are all products and services that I personally use, love, and believe in. I am choosing to share these because I wish I would have found these products years ago! Thank you in advance for supporting me, these products/companies, and the blog 😊

Workout Equipment

Cellercise Rebounder
rebounding on Cellercise

Dave Hall’s Cellerciser
I’ve been jumping on my Cellercise rebounder since 2018 and LOVE using it. It’s been the foundation of my workout routine since then. I jump for 10 minutes a day and I can choose the intensity — take it easy or hit it hard — either way, I get in great movement, stretch and build my muscles, and have lots of fun 🙂

GoBeast Pull-Up Bar
steph on pull-up bar

This pull-up bar is lightweight, portable, and breaks down easily. I love having it as an addition to my home gym. When our gym was set up in the guest bedroom, this was easy to take down and move while we had guests. I also love hanging my yoga swing on it and using it for inversions. Get GoBeast on Amazon.

Yoga Swing/ Hammock
Steph on yoga swing

This yoga swing/hammock from has been an excellent addition to my home gym. I hang it from my GoBeast pull-up bar and enjoy peaceful inversions and deep stretching with it. Get yoga swing on Amazon.

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Food & Supplements

Huel Meal Replacement
Huel meal replacement shake bag

I needed more nutrients (and convenience!) in my diet, so I started drinking Huel meal-replacement shakes and love them. Huel (Human + Fuel) is nutritionally complete food and each meal contains a balance of all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, fiber and phytonutrients in a single product. Click here for $15 off your next order of $66 or more. Or shop Huel on Amazon.

Intestinal Fortitude
Steph with Intestinal Fortitude Pro-B11 probiotic

Intestinal Fortitude Supplements
Use code CFF10 for 10% OFF your order during checkout. I love the complete line of supplements, especially PRO-B11 probiotic, GLR-6 gut lining repair, and AI-5 anti-inflammatory. Or shop Intestinal Fortitude on Amazon.

Listen to Episode 11 of my Crohn’s Fitness Food podcast with Will Jenkins, founder and creator (and Crohn’s Warrior!) of the Intestinal Fortitude products.

PURPO by Beviva Foods
Steph with PURPO by Beviva foods

Use CFF15 for 15% OFF your order during checkout. Gut-friendly snacks for people on the go. The PURPO granola is my favorite, it’s made with real ingredients — no fillers — and gives me that slightly sweet and delicious crunch that I’m always looking for! Or shop PURPO on Amazon.

Listen to Episode 45 of my Crohn’s Fitness Food podcast to hear Sylvia’s personal IBD journey and how she started Beviva Foods!

Drip Drop

I use these often to make sure I’m staying hydrated and getting electrolytes my body needs. Shop DripDrops.

Sugarbear Multi

Because who doesn’t want to take gummy vitamins! I take these daily. Shop Sugarbear Women’s Multi vitamins.

Oregano Oil

This is the closest thing to magic I’ve found! 🙂 I take this when I feel myself getting sick or have mild IBD symptoms. Shop wild oregano oil.

Ancient Nutrition Protein

This is my favorite protein powder and what I used in various recipes for simple treats. Shop Bone Broth Protein Powder.

Arbuckle’s Ariosa Coffee

My all-time favorite coffee is Arbuckle’s (my go-to blends are Ariosa and Sonoran). Shop Arbuckle’s Coffee.

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Workout Clothes & Gear

Pineapple Clothing

These leggings are super soft and incredibly comfortable! I have a hard time finding pants (even leggings) that I like and these fit perfect! They feel like a second skin and they are made in the USA. I wear them almost every day 🙂
Use code STEGIS at checkout for 20% OFF. Pineapple Clothing (20% Off Leggings!

Under Armour Shorts

If I’m not wearing my Pineapple Clothing leggings, you will usually find me in these Under Armour shorts. I love the cut and fit of these shorts, and they have pockets! Shop a variety of colors here on Amazon.

icyzone Workout Tank

I love, love, love these tanks and wear them pretty much every day. I have them in a variety of colors and some colors I bought more than one. 🙃 Very comfortable and breezy; it’s my go-to shirt. Shop icyzone tank tops here.

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Beauty: Face & Body

Amarte Cleansing Foam

I love the Amarte skincare products; they are gentle, effective and an essential part of my daily routine. Shop Amarte Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam.

Amarte Aqua Lotion

The Aqua Lotion from Amarte is light and hydrating, this is my favorite moisturizer. Shop Amarte Aqua Lotion.

Hero Balancing Toner

This toner is amazing, it helps keep my skin clear and is hydrating. I use it every day, twice a day! Shop Hero balancing toner.

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