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Full disclosure, some of these are affiliate links, however, these are all products and services that I personally use, love, and believe in. For the ones that are affiliate links, they didn’t ask me to be an affiliate, I asked them! 🙂 I am choosing to share these because I wish I would have found these products years ago!

Uplift Food: Gut Happy Cookies

These Gut Happy Cookies have a slightly sweet taste with a hint cinnamon and slight nutty flavor. Honestly, I think it’s the perfect level of sweetness because for me, whenever I eat something that is outright sweet, I just crave more of it and can’t bring myself to stop. So, this is the perfect amount of sweetness combined with a shortbread-like texture for the cookie and a nice Oreo-style cream filling that meets all my taste sensation needs.

The Gut Happy Cookies are made with high-quality, simple ingredients; are low in carbs (thank you lupin flour!); AND contain resistant starch along with four different prebiotic-rich plant-based ingredients (together with 1 Billion CFU (colony forming units) of effective probiotics) that support gut, digestive and immune health. 

Steph with Gut Happy Cookies

Intestinal Fortitude Supplements

Intestinal Fortitude Supplements
Use code CFF10 for 10% OFF your order during checkout. I’ve been using the complete line of supplements (PRO-B11 probiotic, GLR-6 gut lining repair, and AI-5 anti-inflammatory) and have noticed a reduction in my Crohn’s symptoms of mucus and blood. These have become an important part of my process for staying in remission!

Listen to Episode 11 of my Crohn’s Fitness Food podcast with Will Jenkins, founder and creator (and Crohn’s Warrior!) of the Intestinal Fortitude products. These were created BY a Crohn’s Warrior FOR all of us IBD Warriors!

PURPO Snacks by Beviva Foods

Beviva Foods Use CFF15 for 15% OFF your order during checkout. I came across this gut-friendly company doing amazing things in the nutrition space through our incredible IBD network. Sylvia Tam, founder of Beviva Foods and the PURPO snack line, has developed her gut-friendly snacks for people on the go. Her snacks are not only easy to digest, they’re portable, and delicious. I honestly love all her PURPO snacks, but the PURPO granola is my favorite…it’s made of real ingredients, no fillers or junk, easy to throw into my purse to have on the go, and gives me that slightly sweet and delicious crunch that I’m always looking for!

Steph on vacation in Hawaii with her PURPO snacks

Listen to Episode 45 of my Crohn’s Fitness Food podcast to hear Sylvia’s personal IBD journey and how she started Beviva Foods!

Cellercise Rebounder

Dave Hall’s Cellerciser
I love this rebounder and use it nearly everyday as part of my fitness routine…sometimes I make it my cardio workout, other times I just do a gentle bounce to wake up my body and move my lymphatic system.


Pineapple Clothing Leggings

Pineapple Clothing (20% Off Leggings!
Use code STEGIS at checkout for 20% OFF.
These leggings are super soft and incredibly comfortable! I have a hard time finding pants (even leggings) that I like and these fit perfect! They feel like a second skin and they are made in the USA.

pineapple leggings in hawaii

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil
I started using the Raw Hemp Oil in November 2018 when I had a rash on my arms and legs that was getting worse. Within a few days the rash was gone…and a side bonus, a Seborrheic Keratosis that was on my arm (looked like a small mole) actually fell off within 24 hours of taking the oil (I had been researching dermatologists to get it removed).

The 1500mg CBD+CBDa has also been improving my Crohn’s symptoms, read more about my CBD and Crohn’s experience here.

EverlyWell Home Test Kits

EverlyWell Home Test Kits
I use the Vitamin D, inflammation, and cholesterol tests. These tests are easy to use and so convenient to be able to use them in the comfort of your home!

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club
Yes, I had braces in high school, but after years of not wearing a retainer, my teeth started shifting and this at-home solution saved thousands of dollars, was easy to use, and professionally done! I was actually one of the original customers when this company first started. I have been with them for many years and I always receive incredible customer service and 100% satisfaction!

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