Gratefulness for better health (Part 3, return from vacation)

It’s time to finally wrap up my lessons learned from vacation with the final part of this blog trilogy. (Then, I can jump into some quick posts with food tips, podcast reviews, and other fun things I’ve been wanting to write about.) As you may recall, the last takeaway I had from back-to-back travels was to be more mindful and grateful of what I can do and what I can have, rather than focusing on the negatives of what I can’t do and what I can’t have.

Boat ride sunset
Grateful for this sunset boat ride.
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Crohn’s and a few more bumps in the road (part 1)

It’s been nearly three months since my last post…but in my defense, I ran off to Hawaii and got married, flew to Newport Beach to buy a boat with my husband of one week, and then turned around and went right back to California for a little wine tasting straight from the barrels in Napa Valley. In hindsight, I’m not really sure if that qualifies as much of a defense, but it’s definitely been a chaotic couple of months of traveling, stress, diet changes, and Crohn’s management.

wedding and boat collage
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