Be present for life’s adventures


Life is boring if you always do the same thing. And as we grow and evolve, so does life.

Today is a sad day for me as I come to the end of one adventure in my life by preparing to remove my Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association back patch and return it to my chapter. Continue reading “Be present for life’s adventures”

Benefits of Gratitude

Stephanie Gish

What are you grateful for today? Chances are, you have a lot in your life to be grateful for. Since you’re reading this post, access to the Internet might be one. But, when was the last time you made a conscious–and continued–effort to focus only on those things, instead of impulsively voicing your complaints and frustrations of the moment? You might surprise yourself at how often many of us default to the negative (i.e. ‘my connection is slow!’). Continue reading “Benefits of Gratitude”

The Season of Crohn’s


It seems that no matter what I do, my body fights me every winter/holiday season. Without fail, when November and December come around, my Crohn’s Disease likes to remind me that it’s still there. Last winter, I gave up all my fermented foods to try the carnivore diet, in hopes of knocking out the symptoms that were returning then.
Continue reading “The Season of Crohn’s”