Easy diet hack: Eat more coconut oil

Spoiler alert: I came across an article the other day about a scientific study that was published this past June that looked at coconut oil and its benefits for reducing inflammation in Crohn’s Disease… Our bodies are massively complex, beautifully-orchestrated machines. Some people say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, my digestive andContinue reading “Easy diet hack: Eat more coconut oil”

#CrohnsWarrior #CrohnsAwareness #ForDana

I’ve been sitting here contemplating Crohn’s Disease for the last few hours…breathing deeply from the new essential oil diffusing necklace I’m wearing that I infused with frankincense and lemongrass, having just finished eating a frozen glob of coconut oil mixed with a heaping teaspoon of glutamine and KetoBroth protein powder, and sipping wine–of course (hey,Continue reading “#CrohnsWarrior #CrohnsAwareness #ForDana”

Next on the menu, raw milk

A couple months ago, I posted about the benefits of sauerkraut, my most beloved food. So, enter stage left, my second most favorite food (it might actually surpass sauerkraut and become top on my list), to which I attribute much of my new-found health to: raw milk. Unless you have a story about how yourContinue reading “Next on the menu, raw milk”

It is now safe to move about the cabin…tips for air travel with an ice chest full of food.

It’s late as I begin to write this post…tucked away in the corner seat of a Southwest Airlines flight on my way back to San Antonio. The fasten seatbelt sign is off and electronic devices and laptops are now allowed to be pulled out and used. So, I thought this would be a good opportunityContinue reading “It is now safe to move about the cabin…tips for air travel with an ice chest full of food.”

Let the fermentation begin! Sauerkraut 101

After a lot of tinkering over the past year, I have found the Fido jar fermentation method to be an easy and consistent way to make crunchy, delicious sauerkraut every time. The Fido jars clamp down and seal to provide an anaerobic environment for the cabbage to ferment in, yet still allows for a smallContinue reading “Let the fermentation begin! Sauerkraut 101”

What came first, leaky gut or disease?

“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates Before I jump into my sauerkraut recipes (I promise the wait will be worth it 🙂 …and it will be my next post! I was up to my elbows in sauerkraut the other day taking pictures specifically for the upcoming recipe posting…but, I digress), I thought IContinue reading “What came first, leaky gut or disease?”