Tim Parsons: Children’s Author & Crohn’s Warrior (E90)

Enjoy this interview with Tim Parsons, a Crohn’s disease warrior, ambulance service chaplain, and author of the children’s book series Paramedic Chris. Through the Paramedic Chris children’s books, Tim aims to help develop children’s reading skills and also offers support for important subjects such as anxiety, fear, and working together as a community.

Clemmie Oliver: IBD and Nutrition (E89)

Enjoy this interview with Clemmie Oliver. Diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis in 1999, she had an ileostomy at age 11, was later diagnosed with IBS in addition to IBD, and is now focused on helping others improve their lives and find better health.

Kiley Petencin: IBD and Music (E87)

Enjoy this interview with Kiley Petencin, an ulcerative colitis warrior diagnosed in 2014. Despite the flares battling IBD, she continued to pursue her graduate degree and is now an occupational therapist providing telehealth services to clients, many who have chronic illness. Four years ago, she started writing songs and found music to be a refuge and passion throughout her journey.

Finding routines and balance in daily life

Over the past five years, I’ve been working hard to find a workout routine that would allow me to maintain strength, flexibility, and overall general wellness, that didn’t require me to dedicate two hours a day between driving to and from the gym and the actual workout. Not only did I not want to carve those hours out of my day anymore, but I also started to battle fatigue, so I couldn’t sustain my rigorous workouts of the past any longer.

Kelly Jenkins: Chronically Willed (E86)

Enjoy this interview with Kelly Jenkins. She’s a chronic illness patient, certified yoga teacher and certified nutrition coach thriving in a modern world! After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, she spent the past eight years treating it with a combination of western and naturopathic medicine.

What I’m eating now; update on my diet with IBD and IgAN

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my diet, specifically about what and how I’m eating. Those of you who have followed me over the years have watched me navigate my diet as it went from low-carb to keto, then to drinking raw milk and fermenting my own vegetables, then a detour into full carnivore, introducing fasting, and then just focusing on real food. So, I thought it was time to share what I’ve been eating lately and how I’ve been eating.

Why I take losartan; new IgA nephropathy drugs in development

When my nephrologist first suspected I had IgA nephropathy, there wasn’t anything to do but watch and wait. My first symptoms that anything was wrong were persistent blood in my urine (usually not visible to the naked eye) and occasional small rises in my creatinine levels. During the initial period of watching and waiting, my doctor didn’t want to do a kidney biopsy right away.