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Crohn’s Fitness Food and my Rocky Road to Health

20 years with IBD

I hit the 20-year mark with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) this past January and I’m excited to share that I’ll be releasing a book about my journey in the coming month.

I wanted to share my journey with IBD as completely and honestly as I could, and once the words started flowing, they just kept coming! From my first symptoms with bleeding intestines in 2003 and first major flare-up in 2006, through all the colonoscopies and doctor visits along the way, I’ve chronicled the past 20 years with IBD 💜 and my diagnosis of IgA nephropathy 💚.

I scoured thousands of pages of medical records to retrace my path and revisited the roller coaster of emotions I felt throughout this journey, from being dismissed and ignored by the medical community to finding the few health professionals that I felt truly cared and listened. I’ve searched, experimented, and fought for my health through diet, medications, and lifestyle practices and I’ve shared them all here. Thank you for coming with me on this journey! Use the form below to get notified when the book is available to purchase.

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