Stephanie Lewis: The Longevity Blueprint (E73)

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Enjoy this interview with Stephanie Lewis, a Crohn’s disease warrior who’s been battling IBD and other autoimmune diseases for most of her life and is passionate about helping women over 50 get their autoimmune and other inflammatory illnesses under control. She’s the creator of The Longevity Blueprint, is certified in training and nutrition, and is an NLP practitioner. 

We talked about illness, surgery, hitting rock bottom in health, recovery, diet (from vegan to carnivore), NLP and more!

Though we covered a lot of topics, Stephanie shares these words with listeners, “the only thing I ever want to say to people is you’re stronger than you think you are, and if you give up, you’re not going to get any better.….and just being focused on where it is you want to be.”

Keep in touch with Stephanie Lewis (and follow her journey as she prepares for the strongman competition on October 7, 2023!):

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