Keeping Fitness Simple

I got frustrated in making things too complicated with my workouts over the past year. So I finally put together a simple sheet to track my daily workouts and I couldn’t be happier.

For those who know me well, fitness has been a huge part of my life–from gymnastics to fitness competitions, spending hours in the gym and working out each day used to be a regular thing for me. But as challenges kept coming over the years, I also learned to adapt. Whether it was a broken foot or Crohn’s Disease, I tried new workouts and made my fitness programs match where I was in life.

Lately, trying to find a good balance with my workouts and this fatigue that won’t go away has been frustrating. My at-home HIIT workouts, kettlebell workouts, and just driving to the gym require more energy than I have right now. I want to workout like I used to, but my body just can’t. But now, between my Cellercise rebounder and a couple basic bodyweight moves (lunges and push-ups), I’ve found a balance that’s keeping me in shape and happy with my workouts. Not too much, not too little, it’s my Goldilocks spot.

On this simple sheet of paper, I have boxes to check for sauna sessions (S), rebounding (R), and five sets of either pushups or walking lunges that I do throughout the day. It’s simple, but effective. I also like being able to quickly check off what I’ve done without having to open an app, enter sets and reps, etc. I don’t overcomplicate it anymore, so if I miss a day, I miss a day. Keeping it on one sheet though does keep me motivated, and I’m less stressed each day as I work to check off everything for the day! 

Side note: I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the things I love about the Cellercise rebounder is that if I’m having a good day with more energy than usual, I can really increase the intensity of my jump session. The Cellercise rebounder is able to meet me where I’m at–from gentle to intense, I’m in complete control of my workout.

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