Holly Fowler: Ulcerative colitis warrior (E68)

In today’s episode, ulcerative colitis warrior Holly Fowler @hollsfowler shares her story of living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) for nearly 14 years. During that time, she’s been hospitalized more times than she can count (including once in a foreign country!) and, despite her diagnosis, has proceeded to have a career in corporate marketing, travel the world, run a marathon and build her own business. She’s learned to put her health first and now shares her raw, unfiltered experience with IBD to help raise awareness and connect with others in the IBD community. 

Holly is a certified health coach and the founder of Colitiscope Nutrition, where she offers health and lifestyle coaching for those ready to reclaim their lives and get back to doing what they love. She also offers numerous freebies on her website for those living with IBD including a releasing shame workbook, seven-day workout guide, healing grocery list and her masterclass, “7 ways to hack your health and make more money.”

**New program launch: Warriors Rising**
Specifically designed for women with Crohn’s and colitis, Holly is launching her new group program, Warriors Rising. This 12-week program will teach women practical ways to get into — and stay in — remission, learning about nutrition, fitness, mindset, stress management and more. 

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