Episode 52: Sanaa Lynne, Crohn’s Warrior from bedridden to businesswoman, Part 1

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In today’s episode, Sanaa Lynne takes us through her IBD journey–including how she went more than 10 years undiagnosed. She battled a number of different health issues growing up and over the years, her doctors suspected everything from endometriosis and Celiac Disease to Mediterranean Familial Fever.

Though she underwent numerous colonoscopies, endoscopies, and a capsule endoscopy, the timing was always off and the procedures were never done when she was in a flare–leaving her doctors reluctant to diagnose IBD. She talks about the struggles and frustrations of a diagnosis taking so long and how it made her question her own symptoms after everyone dismissing her for so many years.

Finally in 2016, at the age of 25 and after a nearly two-year-long flare up, her doctors were able to diagnose gastroparesis and then Crohn’s Disease. Had she not been so sick and exhausted, she said, she would have been mad at how long it took. But in reflecting back, she appreciated the doctors’ care and caution to not just jump straight into biologic medications and a lifelong illness.

But, after failing to respond to medications, she realized she needed to do something to take back control of her health. With the support of a Holistic Medicine Doctor and her husband’s expertise in botany, she began tackling IBD at the roots. Through meditation, mindset shifts, supplements, and dietary and lifestyle changes, she began piecing back her life.

In next week’s episode, we’ll continue Sanaa’s journey as she regains her health, goes in depth into the changes she made, and how it led her to become a Functional Nutritionist and to starting the business, Ancient Remedy, with her husband. She’s now sharing her knowledge and experiences with others on how she went from bedridden to businesswoman!

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