Episode 51: Solocast with Stephanie Gish (Meditation, Fasting, Supplements)

Cover of Crohn's Fitness Food Podcast with Stephanie Gish

In today’s episode, I’m sharing an update on what I’ve learned over the past few months about meditation, fasting, supplementation, and how it all affects my Crohn’s.

After our vacation in November, I went off the rails throughout the holiday season with regard to my diet and fitness routine…and I learned a few lessons in the process. Since then, I’ve been increasing the types of foods I eat, discovering what fasting window works best for me (alternate daily fasting vs. one meal a day), and started a daily meditation practice.

I talk about the benefits I’ve noticed from meditation and fasting; how a combination of fasting, CBD oil, and Intestinal Fortitude supplements have once again relieved my first signs of a flare up; I share a few of my favorite resources (from supplements to meditation); and extend an invitation to join us in the Vivante Health Community. 

Links & Resources from the episode:

Intestinal Fortitude Supplements (Anti-Inflammatory, Probiotic, Gut Lining Repair)  

Vivante Health Community (focused on gut health, lifestyle, and microbiome)

Heart Wisdom Podcast with Jack Kornfield

Joy On Demand by Chade-Meng Tan

Mind Hacking Happiness by Sean Webb

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