Episode 39: Jenny Pascoe (@crohnieintheclassroom) talks travel, hypnotherapy, meditation, and fitness

Crohn's Fitness Food podcast cover image of Jenny Pasco

In today’s episode, Jenny Pascoe shares her Crohn’s story and how it took 10 years of battling symptoms before a capsule endoscopy confirmed a diagnosis of IBD. She struggled during those years trying to find ways to manage her symptoms, including numerous dietary changes, and even found herself wondering if it was all in her head, as many of her doctors suggested. Eventually, it took the persistence of her mother to tell her she wasn’t leading a normal life and finding the right doctor to determine Crohn’s Disease.

After diagnosis, she was started on Humira, but it still took another six months before her symptoms really started improving. Although she’s not completely in remission, her symptoms have subsided and she’s taking back her life. Looking back on her journey, she shares how she didn’t communicate with her doctors early on the severity of her symptoms and what was happening. She tended to normalize her experiences and downplay how she felt.

Now on the path to healing and back from a recent overseas trip, Jenny also shares how complementary healing practices, such as hypnotherapy and meditation, helped her control her anxiety and better prepare her for an extended summer trip and international flight. She shares more of what she’s learned over the years about managing flares and also talks about how finding the IBD community on social media has allowed her to connect and share her experiences in new ways, finding an even greater level of support.

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