Episode 38: Kristen Furey, 11 Health Patient Coach and HOPE Conference Project Manager

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In today’s episode, the first 11 Health Patient Coach, Kristen Furey, shares her Crohn’s journey. Diagnosed at age 12, Kristen has battled IBD for 13 years. She underwent her ostomy surgery in 2013 and had a total colectomy in 2015.

Kristen has been in a constant flare since her diagnosis, only reaching remission for the first time this year. She opens up and talks about the post traumatic stress she suffers from her medical trauma, but also shares how finding new passions has kept her moving forward and fueling her positive outlook.

About two years ago, Kristen joined the 11 Health family, a new company developing smart ostomy bags for patients. She soon became the very first Patient Coach and began developing and expanding the Patient Coaches program, from recruitment to training. There are now over 40 Patient Coaches.

Kristen is now sharing her own patient journey through social media, further developing the Patient Coaches program, and is serving as the project manager for 11 Health’s first conference, HOPE, that will be held at the end of this month in Las Vegas.

HOPE 2019 | Healthy Outcomes for Patient Engagement
October 24-25, 2019
Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas
FREE to attend!

HOPE is a two-day conference featuring a series of informational speakers from doctors, to nurses, patients, and even medical administrators from all over the Ostomy world. At HOPE, you will have the opportunity to engage with some of the most inspired thinkers in healthcare and healthcare technology and get a chance to see first-hand the newest generation of wearable healthcare devices.

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