Be present for life’s adventures


Life is boring if you always do the same thing. And as we grow and evolve, so does life.

Today is a sad day for me as I come to the end of one adventure in my life by preparing to remove my Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association back patch and return it to my chapter.

After Jeff lost his right eye a couple of years ago, I finally became “that” wife who didn’t want her husband riding anymore (can you really blame me though?). So when Jeff stopped riding his motorcycle, I stopped riding mine. Sure, I could have rode alone, but at the same time, I started prioritizing my blogging and Crohn’s advocacy during my free time, including the podcast that I was able to start earlier this year. So riding fell to the wayside, we sold our bikes (to a father and son), and my journey in life continued along its winding path.

It’s hard though, to close one chapter and accept that it’s done. And while it may seem like a simple task to cut off the back patch and return it, the act fills me with a flood of emotions. The CVMA isn’t just any group, they are my fellow veterans with whom I share a deeply connected bond.

But life is more than a patch. The friends and people who have come into my life because of the CVMA, will stay in my life. I look back at the memories with happiness and gratitude and hold them close to my heart.

So as you go through life, seek out adventure, be willing to try new things, and be open to letting life take you wherever the road winds. Enjoy the stops along the way, live in the moment, and be present so that the memories you make will last a lifetime. ––Pinky



Now, I’ll bet many of you didn’t even know I rode a motorcycle…so comment below with one interesting fact about yourself!




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