Episode 29: Logan Crumrine, 25-year Crohn’s Warrior

Photo of Logan Crumrine with his wife and two kids for the cover of the Crohn's Fitness Food podcast

In this week’s episode, Logan Crumrine answers the call for more male IBD advocates. After battling Crohn’s Disease for 25 years, he’s now speaking up to share his story and help bring awareness to Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis.

Logan began having his first Crohn’s symptoms as a junior in high school. He spent the next 25 years between states of flares, semi-remission, surgeries, and even a 15-year period of complete remission. But it was around 2012 that the long period of being symptom free came to an end. Crohn’s had been out of sight, out of mind and he nearly forgot it was even there. Over the next two years however, Crohn’s was relentless.

Logan shares an emotional side and talks about the decision he and his wife had to make in 2014 to move back home with family, unsure of whether he would make it through this flare. He signed up for clinical trials, hopeful to find healing, but also wanting to make a difference and help advance the research that could impact others being diagnosed with IBD in the future.

He shares tips for traveling, a little about the process of being declared disabled, and how a gratitude journal has helped him to realize “that in spite of all the junk that we walk through as IBD warriors, there are still bright spots in every day.”

Finally, Logan encourages all IBD Warriors to appreciate and be kind to your non-medical caregivers–our families and friends who are there after all the doctors and nurses have gone.

Logan’s top five takeaways for IBD Warriors:

  1. This [IBD] is not your fault.
  2. Find your ability to smile and nod.
  3. Don’t waste any days.
  4. Don’t be afraid to rest.
  5. Laugh.

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