Episode 24: Stephanie Gish answers her most-asked questions!

Crohn's Fitness Food podcast cover featuring Stephanie Gish

Today’s episode is a special solocast where I’m taking the opportunity to answer the most common questions that many of you, my fellow IBD warriors, ask me through Instagram, email, and my blog. My first “solocast” was Episode 6 where I shared my full Crohn’s story, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t yet and want to learn more about my journey.

Most of the questions I receive are centered around Crohn’s, fitness, and food (go figure!). So today, I’m sharing my answers to questions like:

  • What is the best diet for/what diet do you recommend for Crohn’s?
  • Do you get nutritional deficiencies on a carnivore diet?
  • Don’t coffee and wine make your IBD worse?
  • How did you get off medications?
  • What supplements do you take?
  • How do you stay fit and active when fatigued?
  • How do you avoid bathroom issues when working out?

I have plenty more IBD interviews scheduled for the weeks ahead, but if you’re interested in more solocasts like this one, send your questions to crohnsfitnessfood@gmail.com and I’ll save them for a future episode.

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