Episode 9: Samantha Rynearson, Cake Artist & Crohn’s Warrior

Samantha Rynearson - Caked By Ryno

Episode 9 of the Crohn’s Fitness Food podcast with Samantha Rynearson (@crohnicallyfabulous) is here! Listen online (link above) or subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts! 🎙

Samantha is a cake artist, wife, mother, and Crohn’s Warrior since 2012. In this episode, she shares her journey with Crohn’s and how she’s learned to balance family, pursuing her passions, and life with IBD.

Samantha talks about her struggles with anxiety, joint pain, medications, and how she communicates with her daughter about her Crohn’s. We discuss the mental aspects of Crohn’s, stress, and the importance of rest, self-care, and even fitness. She shares her tips on using essential oils, supplements such as turmeric and green tea, and how using moderation in her diet allows her to enjoy a variety of foods and help keep her Crohn’s symptoms in check. She also turns the tables and asks me about my use of Endoca CBD oil, so I share a bit of my experience with that 🙂

Finally, she also shares her experience with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Camp Oasis and what an impact the camp makes on the lives of children with IBD. She encourages anyone who might have a child with IBD who is interested in learning more about the camp to reach out to her.

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