Episode 7: Nathalie Begin, 10-year Crohn’s Warrior


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Nathalie is an architecture student, blogger, and Crohn’s Disease advocate who focuses on self care, self love, meditation, and gratitude.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s at the age of 11, she has gone through many waves of remission and flares, with the last few years being her worst and what led to a bowel resection this past summer. She talks about the lead up to her surgery, what recovery was like, and how she was able to help her body heal during the process.

In this episode, Nathalie also shares her entire Crohn’s journey and talks in depth about medications, food, probiotics, flares, and how essential oils and stress management help in managing her IBD. She gives her tips for managing both stress and flares and also recommends a few essential oils that have helped her manage pain and have been beneficial in her journey.
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4 thoughts on “Episode 7: Nathalie Begin, 10-year Crohn’s Warrior

      1. How wonderful; and I will be sure to go check out your post on the Windsor conference, thank you for sharing! Nathalie has so much to share and is doing great work raising awareness and helping others through her journey. 🙂

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