Episode 4: Patrick Lee, Crohn’s Warrior since 2007


Episode 4 of the Crohn’s Fitness Food podcast is available today!

Today’s guest is Patrick Lee, co-owner of Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Hicksville, NY, and Crohn’s Warrior since 2007. Since his diagnosis, Patrick has been learning to manage his Crohn’s Disease through a combination of medication, diet, supplements, and lifestyle and is hoping to help raise awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Along with Crohn’s, Patrick battles Fibromyalgia and shares his experience with supplements–including kratom, CBD oil, and L-Theanine–and lifestyle practices such as meditation. He also talks about the role that diet and exercise play in his management of Crohn’s.

Patrick encourages others to keep an open mind and keep searching for the combination of things that will work for you; stay strong and know that we are in this together.

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