Episode 1: Natalie Hayden, “Lights, Camera, Crohn’s”


Today’s guest is Natalie Hayden, author of the blog “Lights Camera Crohn’s: An Unobstructed View.” Natalie is a former TV news anchor who has now dedicated herself to being an advocate for those battling inflammatory bowel disease and showing that a chronic illness doesn’t have to dull your sparkle.

Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in July 2005, Natalie has undergone several hospitalizations, countless medications and flare ups, and underwent her first surgery in August 2015. She gave birth to her first child in March 2017 and is expecting the birth of their baby girl this January.

In this episode we talk about Natalie’s experience with food, pregnancy, balancing stress, advocacy, and managing flares with Crohn’s Disease.

For expecting mothers with IBD, Natalie recommends the following groups where moms can share advice and experience in managing disease and pregnancy:



If you’d like to follow Natalie on social media or read new, weekly content on her blog, you can follow or reach out to her at:


Instagram: @natalieannhayden
Twitter: @nataliesparacio
Facebook: Natalie A. Sparacio

For those with IBD, Natalie encourages you to, “Find your voice and recognize that your journey and your story matters.”

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