Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs


Want easy-to-peel, hard-boiled eggs? Use an Instant Pot.

If you’ve never stumbled across this tip before, an Instant Pot is basically magic for hard-boiled eggs. I love eggs—especially the ones I get locally straight from a farm—and I love hard-boiled eggs because they make a quick, easy, portable lunch and they don’t bother my digestive system…but I HATE peeling them! I get so frustrated when an egg won’t peel and I sometimes smash it and throw it away. But not with the Instant Pot; eggs are easy to peel, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I have a small Instant Pot, so I’ll usually cook 6-8 eggs at a time. I use the Pressure Cook setting and put the eggs in with 1 cup of water for 4 minutes. After they’re done cooking, I let the steam release naturally–which takes about 20 minutes–and I’ve got perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs every time!

Anyway (this post is short and really just a random tip for eggs), if you don’t have an Instant Pot and enjoy hard-boiled eggs, I recommend you go get one. I know I wish I would have learned about this trick a long time ago!

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