I’m a podcast special guest!

A couple of months ago, I was asked to be on the Run Eat And Lift podcast hosted by Anthoney (@thelabstrength) and Lindsey (@ontherunfit). We covered a lot of health and nutrition topics from sourdough and ketosis to uBiome and Crohn’s. This was really fun to be a part of and I think you’ll enjoy the episode. As I mentioned, we actually recorded it a couple months ago, before I went carnivore, so we definitely talk about more than just meat! The episode went live and aired for the first time yesterday.

Run eat and lift

In this episode, we talk about Crohn’s, my blog, sourdough bread, carb burning vs. fat burning, and more. We spent quite a bit of time talking about sourdough bread and I want to use this as a little teaser to let you all know that I am currently putting together a couple of how-to videos for making your own sourdough starter and making your own sourdough bread.

I realized a few weeks ago when I wrote out my recipe for sourdough bread, that it’s actually quite verbose and looks much more complicated in it’s written form than if I were to just show you how to make it. So, once I get the starter video done (it will take a week or so to make the starter from scratch), I’ll do a video on how to make the bread. If you’re not familiar with sourdough, a couple of quick sourdough benefits I want to mention here (that we also talk about in the podcast) are:

  • sourdough bread is a fermented bread, which makes it easier to digest
  • using sprouted grain flours means that the plant enzymes and lectins have been broken down, which also makes your bread easier to digest
  • spelt (the flour I use) has a lower gluten content than wheat and hasn’t been cross-bred and hybridized the way wheat has

If you don’t typically listen to podcasts, you can listen to the episode (featuring me!) below. However, if you’re a podcast junkie like I am, I highly recommend subscribing and listening to the Run Eat And Lift podcast. As you can guess, they talk about a variety of health and nutritional topics. And, as always, I encourage and invite your questions and comments below!



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One thought on “I’m a podcast special guest!

  1. REAL excellent interview and discussion.

    The acronym for my lifestyle is Dr. DEAR. Doctors are important and tend to appreciate those who take who take diligent care of themselves. Diet. Exercise. Attitude. Rest. Recovery. Recuperate. Recharge. Recreate. Or any R words that fit this criteria.

    Thank you for this podcast link!

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