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…and my rocky road to health. Thank you for visiting my blog where I share my journey with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) 💜, IgA nephropathy 💚, fitness, food, and interviews with other IBD patients from my podcast, Crohn’s Fitness Food.

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My health timeline with PicnicHealth
Finally, access to all my medical records in a way that’s easy to digest! Listen to this post, click on the play button below! 👇Or scroll …
Katie Truscott-Howell: Katie’s Life Kitchen (E74)
Enjoy this interview with Katie Truscott-Howell who has been battling Crohn’s disease and celiac disease since she was 18. Her journey with IBD and celiac disease, …
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Crohn's Fitness Food and my Rocky Road to Health 20 years with IBD I hit the 20-year mark with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) this past January …
Stephanie Lewis: The Longevity Blueprint (E73)
Enjoy this interview with Stephanie Lewis, a Crohn’s disease warrior who’s been battling IBD and other autoimmune diseases for most of her life and is passionate …

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Crohn’s, fitness, food and my rocky road to health.